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 AKC Labrador Retrievers

  We are a home based kennel that produces two to three litters of A.K.C. registered puppies per year. We guarantee our product to your satisfaction. Every animal that comes from our kennel is a part of our family and each puppy gets the best of care both social, family and health! We love each and every one of our animals and I know you will also, we are not a ( puppy mill) as people have come to call some operations! We have an AKC DNA profile on the sire.
   We have a large investment in our breeding stock both financially and spending many hours in caring for them so that you will have a premium companion for many years. 
   Historians say that the Labrador Retriever's ancestors originated in Newfoundland - called The St. John's dogs. Today the Labrador Retriever is one of the most sought after dog in the United States. Along with our web site you will find a link to our blog site which will be devoted primarily to the history,health, breed standards and care of Labrador Retrievers. We hope you will be interested in learning more about the Labrador Retriever and find this to be of interest to you and your family please return to this site as often as you would like to.
 We live in LaPine, Oregon and many people have e-mailed us and called us to ask,"where is LaPine, OR.? Well we live about 30 miles south of Bend Or. We do have snow on the ground but the roads are usually well Plowed.  
      Welcome Labs                                             
      Michael & Florence Welcome
      P.O.Box 863
      53366 Woodstock Dr.
      Lapine, OR. 97739-0863
      Home (541) 536-5385  Kennel (541) 536-5385  Cell Phone  (541) 848-1763 

We would like to thank everyone that has adopted one of our puppys and made them part of your family ! Our wish is to provide you with a healthy loving companion for a very long time we feel like this is sort of our calling in life because hopefully each and every owner of a Labrador retriever will experience that devotion and unconditional LOVE that we have for forty years. Our dogs have filled a spot in our lives that must have been a product of GOD himself for every day we experience the kind of love from our dogs that must be from the LORD himself or very close to it! May GOD bless all of you.
Michael & Florence Welcome   

We are in the process of obtaining another yellow female a breeder who live in Tangent,Oregon., this coming Sunday Sep.21 ,2014.

Our Dierdra Deserey (Di Di) is going to have a litter in mid-November!

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